About Samburu Riverside Camp

Samburu Riverside Camp is an authentic tented camp located inside the Samburu National Reserve and owned by  Samburu East MCA Hon. Kelvin Lemantaan.  We provide eco-friendly accommodations, all meals, and the best game drive services with knowledgeable Samburu guides.

Our small camp provides you with a closer connection to nature and wildlife; elephants walk just nearby going to the river, kudus and smaller antelopes are frequent visitors, as well as birds of all kind and resident vervet monkeys.

Enjoy an affordable stay in the amazing and uncrowded Samburu National Reserve!  Apart from hosting the “big five” (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos), it is famous for its reticulated giraffes, Grevy zebras, gerenuk antelopes, Beisa oryx, and is part of the homeland of the Samburu semi-nomadic tribe.

Our Mission

We are committed to preserving Kenya’s unique wildlife, landscapes and Local culture. We believe that the best way to do this is through sustainable ecotourism ventures that benefit the local communities and give our guests a rewarding experience.

Our Vision

To provide the most authentic and professional safari experience in East Africa.

The Owner

Hon. Kelvin Lpesina Lemantaan is a Samburu who grew up in Westgate Conservancy. He is MCA (Member of County Assembly) for Waso Ward and Chairman of the Tourism Committee of Samburu County Assembly. He has over 16 years of experience as a safari guide, is Owner and Head of Operations at Samburu Riverside Camp & Safaris, Sinteti Hotel and Lemakenya Ltd, Director at Malikini Limited, and Board Member at CSI-Kenya. He keeps strong ties in Westgate and Samburu, but also in Laikipia where his wives and children live.

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Our Destinations

We are true specialists of the amazing Samburu National Reserve, where we do most of our games drives; there is just so much to see, hear and feel here! We are also surrounded by many conservancies, Sera, Westgate and Kalama to name a few. We know all the villages and their unique customs and traditions, and we are eager to make you discover them; you will be transformed by the simplicity and authenticity of the people.

We are passionate about the Northern Frontier and offer very customized safaris to remote places like Ngurunit, the Chalbi desert and Lake Turkana. Name your dream, we will make it come true!

And we also offer game drives to the close-by Buffalo Spring and Shaba Reserves, excursions to Mount Ol Olokwe (Sapache), Reteti Elephant Orphanage, etc. Check our Activities page!