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A holiday here would not be complete without a Kenya cultural tour. Stay in a Samburu-owned camp and go out on bush walks and game drives with local guides – discovering as much about them as you do about the wildlife.

The Samburu are a Nilotic people of north-central Kenya. They are semi-nomadic pastoralists who herd mainly cattle but also keep sheep, goats and camels.

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Although your cultural tour of Africa may include any of the native peoples, the two most commonly experienced in Kenya are the Maasai and Samburu, the primary tribes in who have kept their traditions intact.

The two tribes traditionally follow a nomadic pastoral lifestyle that is deeply rooted in nature. They do not hunt wildlife for food. Instead, their sustenance historically has included milk and their treasured cattle blood and meat, and sometimes preferred roots and plants.

During your Kenya trip, you will meet members of the Maasai and Samburu tribes at some of the accommodations in the country. You will see just a hint of their cultures while listening to traditional songs around the campfire and watching demonstrations of their dances.




















Our Cultural Tour offers you more!

We will take you to authentic Samburu villages, where you will get to know them and their lifestyle better.

Enjoy traditional music and dance around a campfire – or discussions on tribal traditions and ways of life. Meet with the elders who will gladly share their wisdom. Visit a traditional pre-school setup under a tree.

Alternatively, warrior training sessions will get you throwing spears, fighting with sticks and using bows and arrows. You may also be invited to participate in a traditional wedding, other rites of passage e.g. warrior ceremonies or watch the village women create the intricate beaded jewelry for which Samburus are known.

Other intriguing tribes in Kenya are the Turkana, Rendille and Pokot at lakeside shores of Turkana, home to the Cradle of Mankind, alongside the smallest tribe in Kenya – the El Molo.  Samburu Riverside Camp can take you close to their outlandish traditions and lifestyle. Enquire about our taylored Northern Frontier safaris!

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