Cultural Wedding

Your wedding day will be one the most important day in your life; but can be an overwhelming one.

The best advice: Try to have some fun! This is your wedding after all. Don’t get too hung up on the tiny details and focus on what’s truly important: celebrating the love the two of you share and getting married.

Make it really special by experiencing a Samburu cultural wedding!



This is your day!

Be present in the moment and feel the love — you’re getting married! Don't worry about the minutiae and if some things aren't perfect.

Why not plan a totally different wedding day, or even renew your vows in the most memorable way?

Our Samburu cultural wedding, in which you’ll get the traditional spiritual Samburu blessing, is an experience to be lived at least once in a lifetime!




A peak preview:

  • Everything about your wedding will be of traditional significance: the bead work, the armbands, the milk, the 4-legged stool, …
  • A huge pan of tea is made over a wood fire, stirred with a huge wooden spoon and everyone is offered a cup. It’s made sweet. It’s strong. It’s smokey and it’s delicious!
  • Milk plays a large role in Samburu lives, and so it is during a wedding; it has a magic and religious presence.
  • The site will be lined with special plants and dribbled with milk to lay their blessings.
  • Elders walk around the couple with a special wand made of animal tail hair, and wisp drops of milk over the couple while blessing and counselling them on the tradition and family life.
  • The bride is given a traditional gourd with milk, a sign she will have enough food, and another small gourd filled with goat fat, which symbolizes fertility.
  • The couple pour the milk and smear the fat on each other as a sign of blessing. The milk will be shared with the neighbour’s children, which means the couple will have their own children
  • The young unmarried warriors of the village, dressed in ceremonial beads, headdress and intricate ochre face painting and hair, perform beautiful dances to celebrate the marriage.
  • They had all dressed themselves in ceremonial beads, headdress and had very intricate ochre face painting and hair.  The celebration continues with much dancing and happiness shared by all.

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