Safari to the Northern Frontier

Huge and highly complex, Northern Frontier District stretches across much of the top of north-eastern Kenya, is the home of a variety of tribes, and, in this the age of commercial safaris, remains comparatively inaccessible. Ranging from the lush highland green of the south to the red sands of the northern borders, its terrain is varied, inhospitable and extraordinarily beautiful.



Come Visit Northern Kenya with Us

We have designed new very sensorial experiences in the Northern Frontier for you!

Whether you want to go
- see rescued elephants at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary,
- track the rhinos at Sera Conservancy,
- visit Lake Paradise in Marsabit National Park,
- go rock sliding in Ngurunit,
- touch the rock paintings at Marti Rock, or
- dip in the jade waters of Lake Turkana,

be sure to contact us and we’ll make your dream come true.













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