Walk to the River

In the arid north of Kenya, water means life. The waters of this great river draw wildlife in great numbers to its banks, creating an oasis of green.

The river’s name is derived from the local community’s language. It means the river of brown or muddy water, and it is full of life!

Come Strech your Legs

Samburu Riverside Camp is a very short walking distance from the mighty Ewaso Ng'iro river. Because of the dangers posed wildlife, guests are not allowed to walk alone in National Parks and Reserves.

But you want to stretch your legs?

No worry, one of our qualified guides will accompany you on a walk to the river to discover its beauty and the wildlife it attracts. Elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, birds, monkeys, antelopes, they all come to drink under the graceful doum palms and shady riverside acacias. You can even walk to the bridge crossing to Buffalo Spring National Reserve that was partly destroyed during the big flood in 2019.










At Samburu Riverside Camp,
Enjoy African Wildlife Up Close

Come experience Nature.  So much more than just a stay!

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